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Aladdin Store is a corporate solution for managing and personalizing employee benefits based on employee’s preferences. Maximize your employee benefits
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Who is Aladdin Store for?
Seeks to advertise their services to wider audience and improve sells
Wants to have personalized benefits
Seeks to find new ways of recruiting and retaining highly qualified and high-potential employees with minimal costs
Who is Aladdin Store for?

With Aladdin Store everyone is a winner!

Benefit sellers
Gets personalized benefits based on their preferences
Gets advantage on the market
Providers dervices usir pay-per-sale pricing sys

Our product unites:

What we provide

For employees
Access to wide selection of benefits to choose from
Ability to choose benefits that suit you best - from gift cards to your favorite coffee shop to family insurance offers
Aladdin store also offers additional card payment for employees to acquire desired special offers out of their benefit fund
For employers
Increased efficiency of job benefits without extra costs for business
Instrument for building powerful brand with advanced corporate culture thanks to personalized benefits
Personalization and easy management for each employees benefits
For sellers
New way to sell your services via Aladdin Store with CPS (cost-per-sale) pricing system
Free advertising for wide audience
Large sales guaranteed 
Employers have to offer employee benefits and it is in the interests of employees to spend their benefit fund on different services
How to start working with Aladdin Store
Sign up and add your employees to get all of the advanages of Aladdin Store
For employers
Add your Services to Aladdin Store marketplace for free! You Pay only a small comission for each order made
For sellers

More about Aladdin Store

Aladdin Store is SaaS solution, an on-demand and web-based software. The only thing needed from you to sign up is to contact us via our site
Microservices architecture and modern tech stack provide high fault tolerance level to help you continue operating without interruption. It also helps us update our app frequently with new features
Manage your users and their access with different roles and permissions
We provide REST API access to some of the basic features of Aladdin Store with API documentation and support Side-to-Side VPN
Based on Open source solutions and requires no paid licenses to use
High protection of personal data and works with full accordance with GDPR
Tech-support for employers, employers and sellers
Highly customizable for your business and brand
Customize Aladdin Store mobile app theme according to your company style (available in 2024)
Aladdin Store automatically forms and stores receipts and sends them to the client

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After creating accounts for your employees you`ll only have to send them invintation e-mails - and they can start using Aladdin Store!
To start using Aladdin Store
1. Contact us via form
2. Sign up partnership with Aladdin Store
3. Add your employees
Creating your account and using Aladdin Store is completely free!
To start using Aladdin Store:
Contact us to get access to great opportunities, wide audience and boost your sells!
To start using Aladdin Store
1. Contact us via form
2. Sign up partnership with Aladdin Store
3. Add your services to Aladdin Store
100% FREE – you don't need to pay anything to publish your services and start using Aladdin Store. You pay only a small comission from each order made
To start using Aladdin Store
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